How can we hide Windows Taskbar?

We can get more space on our screen by hiding windows taskbar. Hiding the Windows taskbar when not in use is a smart decision. It is possible to protect the taskbar from the “settings” menu in windows10. The taskbar in Windows10 is a handy place to pin your favorite app; it also gives fast access to some other features such as the Volume, notifications and the calendar. It is easy to auto-hide it; It will only appear when necessary.

In the Windows10

·       Click ‘Right’ on the taskbar and select the ‘Taskbar Settings’- Click right on a blank space; make sure you click on the blank space and not on an icon. To do this, make a right click on the touch screen, press and hold the taskbar for a few seconds.

·     Now release to open right click menu. You can also proceed by opening the ‘Start’ menu, select “Settings,’ tap on “personalization” and select “Taskbar” in the left menu.’ If you clicked right and saw Properties rather than Settings, means you are running an outdated version of Windows10. Follow the instructions below to hide the taskbar.

Toggle the automatically hide the taskbar mode; the taskbar will get hide immediately. This will affect the taskbar whenever the computer is in the style of settings.

Another way

The second way is by manually navigating to the right area.

·         Open the start menu, and click on the Settings>Personalization,

·         Select Taskbar option from the left column. This method will bring you to the current screen, on which you will see some on/off settings. The one at the top of lists is to lock the taskbar, but you don’t want this to be on as it will permanently keep the bar at the bottom of the screen.

·         The settings you want to adjust is found below, Click the slider button under and hide the taskbar itself in desktop mode if you have a traditional desktop or laptop.

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