Why is Microsoft Office Called as Productivity Software?

A few years ago Microsoft Office was given the Productivity Software to their users to make their life easy and comfortable. Productivity software is a group of applications programs that help the users in producing the things in a system such as a document, graphics and much more. Which makes a corporate work easy and simple. Productivity software makes users more proficient and efficient in their daily discoveries. Nowadays, this software is becoming more popular and more in demand, and the users are learning much more from the software.

Many of the productivity applications are proposed for the business uses. Some of the popular applications are word processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphics software. These programs are very useful for the users. Productivity software is a type of application that is used to help their users in doing their job more efficiently. This type of software is gradually more available for the mobile devices.

There are multiples of tools are available in the market but the most popular are given below:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database Management System

Word Processing

Word processing is the program broadly used to create or edit a fresh or typed document. In this program, users can easily change the format of the work like color, text, and sizes etc. This type of program allows their users to add the clip art, spell check, change margins, header, and footer of the document etc.


A spreadsheet is a program which is used to organize the data in rows and columns in a worksheet. These Data is generally stored in cells in the excel that are divided into columns and rows. In a recent news, more than 15 million cells can grip data in their sheets. Cells contain numbers, formula or functions. Most of the spreadsheets allowed you to create the macros, which contains a series of keystrokes and instructions in their data. The spreadsheet has the ability to create the charts, which is a very vast advantage for the users.

Database Management System

 A Database Management is a system that collects the data and allows to access, retrieval and use of the data to the system. Data is stored in the tables in the sheet, which consists of the rows and columns. Data should contain text, numbers, dates or hyperlinks of the documents. When the data is entered into the program then it can authenticate it by comparing a set of value. Once the data is completely stored, the users can be easily arranged and inquire it, and create reports from the program. It is very easy to use instead of writing the all information in the system or sheet.

Productivity Software List

There are multiple of productivity software in the market. Some of the lists are given below to aware you from the productivity software. They are as follow:

  • Google Apps for Business.
  • Open Office.
  • Microsoft Ofice.
  • Word Perfect Office X5
  • Neo Office
  • Soft Maker

This blog is all about why is Microsoft Office called Productivity Software? We provide you every information regarding the software but if you need more information then visit the Official Microsoft Support Website office.com/setup.

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