Mozilla Releases Two-Step Verification Option for Firefox Accounts

Recently, Mozilla launched the two-step verification or 2SV  as an optional security feature for all of the Firefox user accounts to save their data or information.

Mozilla Foundation engineers have designed this 2SV feature without getting any support for SMS-based codes. Likely, they had done the similar just like Twitter in December 2017, when it moved away from this verification form. All hackers always find a comfortable and perfect way to steal users’ SMS text messages or other private data, so from that point of view, Mozilla announced this verification feature because it is the best option to enable attackers to detect 2SV-protected accounts. Twitter used this fantastic feature to make a change in how we can save our login verification.

At the time of this post, Mozilla’s Two Step Verification feature works with the help of three mobile authentication apps:-

1- Google Authenticator
2- Duo Mobile and Authy
3- Factor Authentication

So we can say that Mozilla can get support for any advanced applications.

If you’re interested in securing your Firefox accounts with the help of two-step verification (2SV), you need to download one of the supported authentication mobile apps from their smartphones app store section. After that they need to click on the menu button in Mozilla’s Firefox browser, then move to preferences and expand the Two-step authentication section.

Suggestion- If you want you can use an alternate link which is the given:-

below- Two Step Authentication=true. 

After completing Two-Step Verification process, you have an option of enabling the feature. You can do it by clicking on the “Enable” button will subsequently display a QR code. But to do this, you need to scan this code with your authentication mobile apps to add their Firefox accounts.

At last, you need to enter the six-digit code from their app and to confirm this setup on your Firefox account. Then you will save the ten recovery codes which you have been provided by Firefox in a safe location.

After that step, you need to log in you Firefox accounts with your authorized password. On that place, you need to create a one-time passcode by using your verified account on your authentication mobile app. After entering your username and password, this step will help you to protect your accounts from the criminals. Even attackers will not be able to gain your login credentials after completing this Two-Step Verification Form.

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