The Benefits of Using Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a critically acclaimed desktop publishing programs. The first version of Microsoft Publisher was released in the market in the year 1991. Back then, it was launched specifically for the use of desktop publishing. Over time, it has been updated to cater to the needs of designers and digital artists who are involved in commercial publishing. Unlike other publishing application in the market, MS Publisher is neither expensive nor complicated to use. With Microsoft Publisher, one can easily make greeting cards, newsletters, brochures, flyers, business cards, calendars, etc. Here are some advantages of using Microsoft Publisher:

1- Easy to use

MS Publisher comes pre-packaged with MS Office. It lets non-design professionals make decent and nice flyers, cards, etc. Whether you are a novice at digital publishing or you just wish to be able to design things efficiently, you will figure out that MS Publisher is a pleasure to use. Because of its user-friendly interface and amazing features, you will not have any difficulty in producing good quality publications, in no time. The learning curve of this application is very short.

2- Task Feature

One of the biggest advantages of Publisher is that first-time users can use this kind of publisher instantly with the help of Microsoft Office Publisher Task feature. This Task feature acts as a personal office assistant. The Task Feature provides input and tips regarding various aspects of the publication. The tips are regarding personalization, prepping the market base, etc. It also assists the users in technical tasks such as reusing the content and working with images and pictures. Since the MS Office Outlook and MS Office Publisher have been integrated, managing and keeping a track of marketing campaign becomes a lot easier.

3- Customizable

The Design Tools make it easy to customize publications. If you aren’t very creative and you are having difficulty in conjuring up a publication design from scratch, then you can use the ready-made templates. These templates can be conveniently personalized to suit the user’s style and taste. With the help of Design Checker, one can easily proofread the work before they send it out. It will also notify the user of any potential issue. One can also incorporate the publication with other existing databases like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. If you are not impressed or satisfied with the pre-loaded templates in MS Publisher, you can go to Office Online and take your pick from the range of templates.

4- Flow

The templates of MS Publisher are set up to automatic flow. Therefore, the text which is too big for a column will automatically flow into the next column, and if necessary, it will flow onto the subsequent page. IF you have created your own template, you can set up the auto-flow feature too. Auto-Flow is useful when one needs to copy and paste large volume of texts. One does not need to position, rearrange, and cut the text manually. Everything automatically adjusts to the amount of space required by you.

5- Insertions

Whether the user is using any Publisher template or their original template, customizing it is very easy. The Insert tab makes it very efficient to personalize the template. If you click on the Clip Art button, you will get a set of tock art which you can insert in your publication. Users can also add their own images by clicking on the Picture button.

6- Swift

Microsoft Publisher maximizes efficiency by making work fast and swift. The text and media which is used frequently get stored in the content library so that the user can use it again in other publications which they will create in the future. It also makes it easier to share print publications in PDF and XML format without the need of additional third-party tools.

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