How to Set the Priority for an Email Message in Outlook?

If you want to let people know that the email sent by you needs to be attended urgently then set the email as high importance. If the email is normal and it doesn’t bear much significance or if you are sending your co-worker an email regarding any non-work related thing then you can set the email as low importance. If you are a long term and seasoned user of Microsoft Outlook then you must have noticed a message which has either an exclamation point or an arrow next to it. This sign indicates that the sender of the message thought that the message is more important or urgent than a regular email.

Microsoft Office gives you the option to set email priority. You can choose from options ranging between low importance to high importance. This feature can be set on a per email basis. Red exclamation point indicates that the sent email was of high importance, blue downward facing arrow mark indicates that the email is of low importance. Regular emails which are neither send on low priority not on high priority do not bear any mark or sign.

Step by step guide on show to set priority level in Email Messages in Outlook

Please note that these priority level indicators can only be seen by people who are using Microsoft Outlook. Most of the other mail service providers do not indicate whether or not the email message was sent with a priority level. Here are the steps to set up priority level in email messages:

  • Double click to open Microsoft Outlook
  • On the top left corner of the window, next to the File tab, there will be a Home tab. Click on it.
  • On the leftmost corner in the New section of the Office ribbon there will be a New Email button. Click on New Email.
  • In order to send an email message with high priority ensure that the Home tab is active.
  • Enter the receiver’s email address, subject line, and the email body. Ensure that the Message tab is active.
  • Now, click on the Message tab next to File at the top of the window screen.
  • In the Tags section of the Microsoft ribbon select High importance or low importance and click on the respective button.
  • If you want the message to be of High Priority then assign the same and if you want it to be of low priority then assign Low importance to it. The low importance tool is handy when the message doesn’t bear much importance but you still want the receiver to be capable of finding it quickly in their email inbox.
  • If you wish to allocate a priority indicator to an email message then you may also click on Message Options button in the dialog box under the section of Tags.
  • The property dialog box will come on display. In the settings section in the top left corner you will get options to set the message priority. Click on the drop down menu and select the importance from three options: Low, Normal, and High.
  • Moreover, you may also choose the Sensitivity level of the email in the Settings section.
  • After making appropriate selections and changes, click close.

Microsoft Outlook, a part of the Microsoft Suite, is a personal information management tool. This tool is commonly used as an email app. It also has other features like web browsing, notes, task manager, calendar, etc. For activation of Microsoft Outlook or Office accounts, visit this website

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